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Petaluma Market is locally owned and operated and prides itself in being a service-oriented community market with the highest standards in freshness and quality.

We strive to offer excellence in every area of our market: from the basics, to natural foods, to unique specialty items. We are always providing our customers with the best quality products available.

Petaluma Market
210 Western Ave.
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 762-5464

Open 7AM - 9PM / 7 Days a Week

210 Western Ave, Petaluma, CA 94952 - PH. (707) 762-5464 - FAX (707) 763-3760
Open 7AM - 9PM Daily
Hot Foods for Jun 29th• Tarragon Chicken • BBQ Baby Back Ribs • Tri Tip/Caramelized Onions • Pork Loin w/Bacon Gravy • Macaroni and Cheese • Penne Carbonara • Mushroom Ravioli/Pesto • Vegetable Medley • Chicken Legs/Mustard Sauce • Chicken Tenders • JoJo Potatoes
Soups for Jun 29th   • Chicken Noodle • Beef Noodle • Vegetable Barley • Turkey Chipotle Chili